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Mega Robo Bros

By Neill Cameron Publisher: David Fickling Books ISBN: 9781910200834 Set in London within the not too distant future, this is a tale of two adopted brothers trying to cope with all the everyday worries of any other child, including getting on at school and bickering with your sibling. The difference here is that Alex and […]

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Evil Emperor Penguin Vol 1

By Laura Ellen Anderson Publisher: David Fickling Books ISBN: 9781910200513 David Fickling Books continue their series of quality Phoenix Comic collections with the dastardly Evil Emperor Penguin, a behemoth of crime and disorder whose only goal is to take over the world. Unfortunately for him he’s not particularly good at it, and is aided and […]

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Alone Vol 4: The Red Cairns

By Gazzotti &Vehlmann Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849182560 Alone is achieving something rather special with it’s tale of children abandoned to fend for themselves when the majority of the population disappears. In many ways in feels like other post-apocalyptic narratives, and although it deals with some mature themes and harrowing situations, the creators don’t lose sight […]

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Alone Vol 3: The Clan Of The Shark

By Gazzotti & Kehlmann Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781949182508 Alone is a well constructed, well presented thriller aimed at kids and young teens that mixes the simplistic outlook of childhood with having to survive in a world with no adults and very few other children. It treads a careful line between the darker horrors that reality […]

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Bunny vs Monkey Book Two

By Jamie Smart Publisher: David Fickling Books ISBN: 9781910200476 Part of The Phoenix’s success is its blend of stories, from action and adventure through to historical comedy and onto the complete unruly mayhem that is Bunny vs Monkey. Jamie Smart somehow encapsulates everything that is daft and wonderful about the kids’ comics we used to […]

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Troy Trailblazer And The Horde Queen

By Robert Deas Publisher: David Fickling Books ISBN: 9781910200469 Troy Trailblazer And The Horde Queen is a thumping kids’ sci-fi adventure originally presented within the pages of The Phoenix and now collected into a single volume. If you like a bit of Doctor Who, a smidgen of Star Wars, and perhaps even a hint of […]

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