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    So, you’d like to join the Cartoonists Club of Great Britain eh? Excellent! Being a member of our illustrious organisation gives you the opportunity to meet up with loads of cartoonists from all over the country.

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    Each month CCGB members recieve our monthly magazine “The Jester” which is packed with cartooning-related articles interviews, news and reviews.

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We have gag cartoonists, caricaturists, cartoon illustrators and character designers working in industries from greetings cards and printed publications through to TV, children’s publishing and the internet.

The Jester

Each month members receive a copy of the CCGB’s magazine “The Jester” which is packed with cartooning-related articles and info about upcoming events.
Join the Club

Join the Cartoonists’ Club

Yes! No longer need you be a lone cartoonist grinding away in isolation at the cartoon coalface! You can meet others who know what it means to wield a pen, pencil, mouse, or graphics tablet in an attempt to make a living by drawing funny stuff.
About the Club

About The Cartoonists’ Club

Our membership reflect the specialisations within the profession, all aspects of the business being severally represented, from single gags to strips and Caricature to Cartoon illustration.