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Spirou & Fantasio 19: The Visitor From The Mesozoic

By Franquin Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781800440661 As the little disclaimer states at the beginning of this book, this story was written 60 years ago. Consequently, what we now know about dinosaurs and the era they lived in is very different to the narrative liberties taken here. In some respects, they’re no worse than Spielberg upscaling […]

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Alpha …directions

By Jens Harder Publisher: Knockabout ISBN: 9780861662456 Alpha …directions is a hugely important book, especially if you’re someone who struggles with the concept of deep time or the practicalities of slow and gradual change in living organisms. The book covers 14 billions years, and tells the story of Earth and the creatures upon it from […]

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Age Of Reptiles: Ancient Egyptians

By Ricardo Delgado Publisher: Dark Horse ISBN: 9781616558208 Age Of Reptiles is an occasional comic series telling dinosaur tales about survival in a harsh environment amongst the apex creatures of the period. Each series covers a handful of issues, before being collected into books such as this one, and reads like a wildlife documentary with […]

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Kenya Vol 5: Illusions

By Rodolphe and Leo Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849182669 This concluding part to the Kenya story offers an explanation of the surreal events out in Africa, although it doesn’t quite answer all of the questions, plus it also sees the surprising demise of one of the leading characters following a redeeming act. Beyond that, saying much […]

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The Pirates Of Pangaea Book 1

By Hartwell & Cameron Publisher: David Fickling Books ISBN: 9781910200087 This one had me sold a while back when I found out there were dinosaurs in it. Set in the 18th century, a landmass known as Pangaea sits amongst the islands of the Caribbean. It’s unusual in that it’s a land where the dinosaurs never […]

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The Terrible Tales Of The Teenytinysaurs!

By Gary Northfield Publisher: Walker Books ISBN: 9781406333268 It’s got dinosaurs! It’s got bodily functions! It’s got daftness by the bucketload! Dave, Ronnie, Thomas, Reggie and Natasha are a bunch of little dinosaurs looking for fun and adventure somewhere in the deep mesozoic. Like all kids, everything’s exciting, everything’s brilliant and terrible, crippling danger and […]

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