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Trent Vol 5: Wild Bill

By Rodolphe & Leo Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849183956 Very pleased to see there’s a new Trent book, and it’s a very good one at that. Trent is doing his duty as a Mountie to deliver a low rate criminal to justice to the big city. This means several days travel across the Canadian wilderness, stopping […]

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Trent Vol 4: The Valley Of Fear

By Rodolphe & Leo Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849183949 Somewhere up in the frozen Canadian north a railway construction camp is trying to make its way through some uneven terrain, including blasting a tunnel through a mountain. Dangerous work at the best of times, but the work crew are spooked by a string of bad luck […]

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Trent Vol 2: The Kid

By Rodolphe & Leo Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849183741 This second volume finds our mounted police sergeant on the trail of young man with a wicked talent for fast shooting. Starting off as a Bonnie and Clyde style duo, the Kid of the title is left alone after a blundered bank robbery sees the local law […]

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