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Bear’s Tooth 4. Amerika Bomber

By Yann & Henriet Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781800440869 It’s been a while since the last Bear’s Tooth book which cunningly allows the creators to tease us a little with what we can remember. The striking cover image of Hanna stood amid the ruins of New York while advanced German planes sail overhead suggests we may […]

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The Bluecoats No 16: Sallie

By Lambil and Cauvin Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781800440890 Cinebook has been translating the Bluecoats series in steady succession for some years now. For older Brits, more accustomed to the likes of Asterix, a cartoon-rendering of the American Civil War might seem like a strange juxtaposition. But if you’ve cast a broader net on European comics […]

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The English GI

By Jonathan Sandler and Brian Bicknell, adapted from Bernard Sandler’s autobiographyPublisher: Graphic MemoirISBN: 9798793377874 Ever so occasionally I’m sent a book that is a genuine surprise. This is one of those books. Using the 1995 autobiography of Bernard Sandler, Bernard’s grandson, Jonathan, has adapted the work, along with illustrator Brian Bicknell. Together they’ve created an […]

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The Bluecoats Vol 15: Bull Run

By Lambil and Cauvin Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781800440616 Having recently read a novel about the battle of Bull Run, this latest Bluecoats adventure had me itching to read it. It involves a look back to the very first battle of the war where, as far as the North was concerned, victory was inevitable and the […]

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Swan Song Part 2

By Babouche, Dorison & Herzet Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849185493 In the previous volume a group of French soldiers has been handed a petition containing thousands of signatures, signed by their comrades in arms. The aim of the petition is to bring the senseless massacre caused by the utter incompetence of the army top brass to […]

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Swan Song Part 1

By Babouche, Dorison & Herzet Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849185486 It’s the First World War, and things are not going well for the French. Once again, Lieutenant Kazinsky’s platoon is to be treated as cannon-fodder. The men are ordered over the top to face the enemy. The result is as bloody as it is expected. After […]

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