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The Last Templar 2

The Last Templar Vol 2: The Knight In The Crypt

By Khoury & Lalor Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849183086 This second volume, based on the bestselling novel, kicks off with another historical flashback that teases the nature of the secret and those those keen to obtain it for themselves. Back in present day New York the FBI agents are trying to get their collective heads around […]

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Wayne Shelton Vol 4: The Survivor

By Denayer & Cailleteau Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849183178 The Wayne Shelton series has had time to bed down so if you’ve been following it you’ll understand the slightly different take on the adventurer genre. Whereas many such series concentrate on younger men in their prime, Wayne Shelton looks at what those men become, so perhaps […]

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American Monster 1

American Monster Vol 1

By Azzarello & Doe Publisher: AfterShock ISBN: 9789350029329 Brian Azzarello, creator of the sublime 100 Bullets, returns to guns and grotesques with American Monster, a story of small town America with delinquents, rednecks, a gun-shifting reverend, and cops looking to a turn a blind eye for a quiet life, all rubbing together in a barely […]

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Largo Winch 16

Largo Winch Vol 16: 20 Seconds

By Francq & Van Hamme Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849183239 Sixteen volumes in and the series has built quite a supporting cast, a tangible world in which the stories take place, and set a rather high bar for quality. This means Van Hamme and Francq have some creative flexibility to play with, and they use it […]

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The Marquis Of Anaon Vol 4: The Beast

By Vehlmann & Bonhomme Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849182782 The Marquis Of Anaon series continues with Jean-Baptiste seconded to a squad of dragoons to investigate a series of gruesome killings along the eastern French border with Savoy (the story taking place before it’s annexed). The killings are sporadic and violent, and villagers tell tales of an […]

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Marquis Of Anaon_2

The Marquis Of Anaon Vol 2: The Black Virgin

By Vehlmann & Bonhomme Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849182652 Jean-Baptiste has now spent several months investigating strange goings on, bringing him to a community in the depths of winter towards the close of the year. In two subsequent years a young girl has been killed and the murders have been barbaric and bloody, leaving many of […]

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