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Cassandra Dark By Posy Simmonds - Review

Cassandra Darke

By Posy Simmonds Publisher: Jonathan Cape ISBN: 9780224089098 This review was  published in issue 533 of The Jester magazine, August 2019. Review by Simon Chadwick.   Pete Shea wrote to me recently to ask if I’ve ever reviewed a Posy Simmonds book and recommended Cassandra Darke having just finished it. Well, I haven’t, so here […]

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Thorgal Vol 21: The Sacrifice

By Rosinski & Van Hamme Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849184267 I’ve written enough of these now to make it quite plain as to how much I enjoy the Thorgal books, and so it’s with a tinge of sadness that this appears to be the final book of the main story arc. That doesn’t mean to say […]

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By The Etherington Brothers Publisher: The DFC Library ISBN: 9780385618571 The Etherington Brothers were born two decades too late. Although benefiting from the inspirational material they grew up on, the market they so completely excel in is but a shadow of its former self, with many a nipper, squinny and pipsqueak distracted by YouTube Fail […]

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King Coo: The Curse Of The Mummy’s Gold

By Adam Stower Publisher: David Fickling Books ISBN: 9781788450522 Every now and then you come across a book that sits slightly outside the norm, and this is very much one of those. Aimed at kids, this combines prose with comic-style storytelling. And it’s about a girl called King Coo who has a beard and lives […]

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Bluecoats Vol 12: The David

By Lambil & Cauvin Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849184304 The Bluecoats always manages to trip me up slightly with my expectations. I think this is largely down to the disconnect between the playful cartoon style of the illustrations and the harsh reality that is war. Unlike an Asterix book, for example, when a Roman is launched […]

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Twenty Years Later

By Dany & Van Hamme Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849184151 In this follow up book to Story Without A Hero the timeframe jumps two decades. The survivors of the air crash in the jungle made good with their improvised hot air balloon escape and are now living separate lives, not least Laurent who has grown to […]

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