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Namibia: Episode 4

By Rodolphe, Leo & Marchal Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849183284 Strange encounters, unexplained sightings, and a curious subterranean base all appear to be connected, but Kathy Austin is struggling to connect them, and put them in context in the world of the 1940s’. Sir Charles, her superior and perhaps her strongest ally and champion, doubts her […]

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Lucky Luke Vol 53: Nitroglycerin

By Morris & Lo Hartog Van Banda Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849182546 In Nitroglycerin Lucky Luke has trouble coming from all directions as two competing railroad companies find themselves at loggerheads. To gain an advantage one opts for an underhand game of espionage and violence to thwart the other. To make matters worse, Luke is charged […]

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The Can Opener’s Daughter

By Rob Davis Publisher: Self Made Hero ISBN: 9781910593172 Rob Davis returns to the world he created in The Motherless Oven for another off-kilter tale, this time focusing on the story of Vera Pike. It clearly says as much on the blurb on the back, but I just dived straight in, thinking this was a […]

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SAM_Vol 3

SAM Volume 3: A Million Winters

By Marazano & Shang Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849183154 Apocalyptic futures are pretty much the order of the day now and there are many tropes and narrative directions that have been explored. For the creators, the trick is to keep the storytelling absorbing, the characters interesting and the visuals engaging while exploring different paths as yet […]

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Spirou & Fantasio Vol 11: The Wrong Head

By Franquin Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849183130 The latest Spirou and Fantasio adventure takes a leap back to an earlier Franquin exploit where something rum is going on at Fantasio’s house. He’s suffered a break-in but the only thing that appears to have been taken are some simple passport photos. To perk him up Spirou suggests […]

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