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Lonesome 3: The Ties Of Blood

By Yves Swolfs Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781800440814 I’ve been really enjoying getting my teeth into this series. On the face of it, it’s a dyed-in-the-wool western, with all the gunslinging, treachery and action you’d expect. Somehow, though, there’s a twist of the supernatural in it too, and yet it’s so underplayed that it doesn’t derail […]

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Largo Winch 19: The Edge Of Night

By Francq & Giacometti Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781800440760 Giacometti continues to prove that he has the writing chops to follow on from Van Hamme with another solid tale of business intrigue, dirty tricks and high stakes. The world around us has changed a lot since Van Hamme and Francq put out the first Largo Winch […]

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The Fortune Of The Winczlavs: 1. Vanko 1948

By Van Hamme & BerthetPublisher: CinebookISBN: 9781800440609 Here’s a book I wasn’t expecting. Cinebook’s English reprints of the popular Largo Winch series are a superbly entertaining read. The concentrate on how a small child, adopted by a wealthy businessman ends up, as a young man, the head of an immensely diverse and prosperous international group […]

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Lonesome Vol 2: The Ruffians

By Yves SwolfsPublisher: CinebookISBN: 9781800440012 After a very strong opening volume we rush headlong into book two. Our nameless hero (he’s not the man with no name, he just likes to tell folk his name won’t mean anything to them) is locked up in the jailhouse awaiting his fate. A fresh bunch of corrupted men […]

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Trent Vol. 7: Miss Helen

By Rodolphe & Leo Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849183970 There’s something rather endearing about the Trent books. They’re measured, unhurried, and with a hefty dose of melancholy, but somehow manage to avoid being bleak and miserable. Instead, they show courage in the face of adversity, and hope when all appears to be lost.  Agnes and Trent […]

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Swan Song Part 2

By Babouche, Dorison & Herzet Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849185493 In the previous volume a group of French soldiers has been handed a petition containing thousands of signatures, signed by their comrades in arms. The aim of the petition is to bring the senseless massacre caused by the utter incompetence of the army top brass to […]

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