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The Mystery Of The Crooked Imp: Tales Of Fayt

By Mason & Wyatt Publisher: David Fickling Books ISBN: 9781910200421 David Fickling Books continue to present us with the best tales from the page sof The Phoenix with this new collection, The Mystery Of The Crooked Imp: Tales Of Fayt. Writer Conrad Mason has penned several Tales Of Fayt novels but this story gets the […]

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Wisher Vol 2: Faeriehood

By De Vita/Latour Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849182256 The magical world, and its downfall, is further expanded and explained in this second volume, with Nigel coming to terms with this hidden township beneath the streets of London and its wider implications. Hunted and slowly exterminated, many of the inhabitants of this labyrinthine habitat are the last […]

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Mirabilis: Year Of Wonders – Winter (Volume 1)

By Morris and Hartas Publisher: Print Media ISBN: 9780956712110 Originally serialised in the now defunct British comic The DFC, this is a grand concept that merges history, literature, fairytales, magic, horror, science fiction, myths and legends, and a smattering of steampunk too. All of this strange phenomena begins to appear when a green comet is […]

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