Mirabilis: Year Of Wonders – Winter (Volume 1)

By Morris and HartasMirabilis
Publisher: Print Media
ISBN: 9780956712110

Originally serialised in the now defunct British comic The DFC, this is a grand concept that merges history, literature, fairytales, magic, horror, science fiction, myths and legends, and a smattering of steampunk too. All of this strange phenomena begins to appear when a green comet is sighted in the night sky, and it falls to Jack Ember to investigate on behalf of the Royal Mythological Society.

His first task is to tackle an escaped witch along the south coast of Britain before being sent to Istanbul to retrieve a rare book. Every step opens up a world becoming ever more fantastic and mysterious, with all of the inherent dangers that suggests.

There are a myriad possibilities for the creators to draw from, which makes each page deliciously tantalising as it really could go in any direction.

Mirabilis has had a rough journey so far, what with the cancelling of The DFC and some difficulties getting the collections together, but the creators are intent on completing their saga, and so they should, as there’s plenty to delight and entertain their core readership, not to mention older readers too, with the heady mix of genres and possibilities.

And if you liked that: Volume 2 is available too


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