Dog Head Comics 1

By Dave CooperCover to Dog Head Comics 1 featuring female character with toothy smile and large rosy cheeks.
Publisher: The Mansion Press
ISBN: 99782492646430

Dave Cooper is one of my top three cartoonists – an extraordinary talent whose work has pulled him, more recently, into animation and painting. Fortunately he’s found some time to put together two new stories, told through Dog Head Comics.

Not a paper comic, as you’d expect, but offered as a softcover or hardcover book (the latter with sketches). The book’s split in half for each story, so you just flip over for a different cover.

L’architecte is the story of a man asked to assist with the addition to a building already comprising varied styles. This new style, though, must encompass the organic, and be able to grow.

The second story is called The Great Hierarchy: Yardstick’s Worth, and (brilliantly) features the return of Eddy Table, Cooper’s hapless everyman. His story is interspliced with one of gods, creation, and, well, a lot of strange stuff.

The artwork’s not coloured, but it’s not quite black and white either, and somehow flows and undulates in a fleshy, pulsating, organic way – promising to make the first story really interesting.

And, like all his other work, this is aimed at adults, not kids.  If I’d have used the book’s alternative cover on the flip-side, you’d understand immediately. 

A superb first issue, and I’m very much looking forward to books 2 to 6!

And if you liked that: Check out Dave Cooper’s earlier work, and his recent utterly astounding oil painting, The Garden Of Earthly Delights.


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