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Manchette’s Fatale

By Cabanes & Headline Publisher: Titan ISBN: 9781782766827 Adapted from the 1970s’ crime noir novel, this is an incredibly impressive telling of the tale beautifully illustrated and painted by Max Cabanes. It follows the story of Aimée Joubert, a woman consumed with a need for vengeance that has turned her into a ruthless killer, travelling […]

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I.R.$. Volume 1: Taxing Trails

By Vrancken & Desberg Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781905460519 It’s taken me a long time to convince myself that a book with a title that’s equivalent to the British HMRC is really going to captivate me. Tax returns and finances don’t really get my juices flowing. Two things ended up changing my mind; firstly Cinebook have […]

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Blacksad: Amarillo

By Canales & Guarnido Publisher: Dark Horse ISBN: 9781616555252 This is the third in a series of three anthropomorphic book reviews, this time featuring the latest offering from writer Juan Diaz Canales and artist Juanjo Guarnido in their Blacksad series. Blacksad, like District 14, has a 1950s’ setting, but this is unmistakably America. Blacksad himself […]

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