Cartoon Contest, Mexico 2024

‘Freedom’ is the theme of the 9th International Cartoon Contest Caminos de la Libertad.

Cash prizes in Mexican pesos:

First place: MX$ 30,000 (about £1,400)

Second: MX$ 20,000

Third: MX$ 10,000


  • People from anywhere in the world can participate.
  • The works must be completely original and unpublished, and if they contain words, they must be in Spanish.
  • They should not be participating simultaneously in any other contest.
  • Adaptations of other originals will not be accepted.
  • The winning works will be those that best capture, analyze, contrast, promote and disseminate freedom, those that offer proposals to expand the options of freedom in Mexican
    society or to present examples of success and failure in the application of this right.
  • Each participant may submit as many works as they wish.
  • The works must be presented in JPEG format at the best possible resolution.
  • The works must be signed with a pseudonym.

Submissions by 31 March to: The author will send, in the same email as their work, a file in which they will write the pseudonym, the title of the cartoon, the author’s full name, address, occupation, telephone number, email address, and a brief biographical summary.


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