Alcohol & Painkillers 2023: Forest Grump

By Rich NairnCartoonist Rich Nairn sat in a woodland setting
Publisher: The Artful Doodler Press
ISBN: 979884461553

What began as a route out of the insanity of Covid has now become Rich Nairn’s route out of the daily insanity of life. It’s his opportunity to journal the ups, downs and sometimes left-field occurrences of his day-to-day experiences, which he then bundles up into a book for you, the reader, to enjoy.

As a caricaturist, you get to follow Rich’s exploits doodling attendees at various functions (and the frustrations that can bring). Dealing with drunk guests surely has an appeal we can all recognise, but surprisingly there’s a downside too, which Rich charts in a cathartic fashion. He also takes you along to family get-togethers, shares his take on world events, and lets a little light in on the magic of his craft.

Touchingly, there are moments in the year when both his parents end up in hospital. On both occasions, he manages to record  events with a touching sensitivity and manage to find something funny about it. His propensity for attracting weirdos and oddballs can surely only be matched by Rich Skipworth.

And there’s more, for, in this edition we get Rich’s poetry.  No fluffy, whimsical nonsense here, though. Oh, no. It’s all self-deprecating humour and acerbic wit all the way covering topics such as aliens, dads, nativities and beasts. Genuinely gigglesome stuff.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the best book so far, although that might be tainted by the fact I make an appearance on page 95. 

And if you liked that: Rich’s previous books are all available from that Mr Amazon fella.

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