Who was ‘Scherzo’?

An example of Scherzo’s work

We’ve had a letter from one Glenn Reuben who is doing some research on the TV Times magazine for its 70th anniversary in 2025. In its early years in the 1950s and 1960s, they had a section called “Natural Break” which featured many cartoonists among whom one in particular, “Scherzo”, is proving hard to find out about. He contributed to other magazines like Punch and annuals like Meccano and often did the front covers of the TV Times Christmas Extra magazines (many can be found on eBay).

Would someone happen to know any background on him, including his full name, please? Glenn has searched everywhere and cannot find any trace of him. All we know is that he was a Northerner and born in the 1920s. His work also seems to disappear after the early 60s, so he may have passed away around this time.

Glenn’s also looking for information on Leonard Ward, who was the very first art editor of TV Times and also a cartoonist in his own right. He also contributed some TV Times Christmas Extra covers, either signed with his full name or “Len Ward” or simply “Ward”.

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