Spirou & Fantasio 20: The Dark Side Of The Z

By Yoann & VehlmannThe villain Zorglub holds the moon up on one finger while Spirou, Fantasio and Pip patrol the lunar surface in spacesuits behind him
Publisher: Cinebook
ISBN: 9781800441033

A nice touch about Cinebook’s English translations of these books is the alternating between contemporary creators and the older stories. That could, quite easily, become confusing, but it’s handled with a thoughtful dexterity that allows them to blend seamlessly. In this latest book, Zorglub is back, and just as you might be thinking he’s been a bit overplayed as the villain of late you discover that all may not be quite as it seems.

Equally intriguing is Spirou’s mighty dose of radiation that brings about an eye-raising transformation. Taking quite an unexpected step towards a darker direction, as yet unseen (in Cinebook’s reprints at least), you can’t help but sit up straighter in your seat to wonder where this will pan out.

Fabien Vehlmann must take a lot of credit for the twists and turns of this book. An extremely gifted writer who pens the excellent Alone series and the all-too-short Green Manor, he manages to encapsulate a sense of rolling mystery that keeps you turning pages. That’s in evidence here, as our two titular heroes get tangled up in a moon-based adventure.

Yoann’s artwork manages to strike the balance between the cartoon antics you’d expect from the series and a darker vein of peril. Easy to get wrong, but here it’s done just right.

And if you liked that: There’s more on the way soon.


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