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Barracuda Vol 6: Deliverance

By Dufaux & Jérémy Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849183543 The series draws to its conclusion with this sixth and final book, and it’s got everything going on. Sea battles, deception, ambush, murder, and a lot of bloodshed, but then again none of the protagonists play particularly nicely with others, so all of that was to be […]

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Barracuda Vol 5: Cannibals

By Dufaux & Jérémy Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849183062 This series is very much in the fantastical vein that Pirates of the Caribbean sits in rather than, say, Treasure Island, but as we’ve romanticised the actions of pirates for so long now this is becoming something of the norm. The opening of this book splits the […]

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Barracuda Vol 4: Revolts

By Jean Dufaux & Jérémy Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849182577 In Revolts we get to see a very nicely designed bit of crowd entertainment in the form of a sunken ship’s hull, just barely visible about the waterline, in which two sharks are kept. As part of his punishment Raffy must cross this ‘tank’ balancing on […]

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The Pirates Of Pangaea Book 1

By Hartwell & Cameron Publisher: David Fickling Books ISBN: 9781910200087 This one had me sold a while back when I found out there were dinosaurs in it. Set in the 18th century, a landmass known as Pangaea sits amongst the islands of the Caribbean. It’s unusual in that it’s a land where the dinosaurs never […]

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Barracuda Vol 3: Duel

By Dufaux & Jérémy Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849182041 Barracuda is a curious combination of outright clichés (skull shaped mountain on island) and daring invention (Emilio’s transvestitism and his  struggle to avenge his lover) making for a series that leaves you scratching your head at times but keeps you engaged all the same. With Captain Flynn […]

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