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Lucky Luke Volume 51: The Painter

By Morris & De Groot Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849182416 Part of Lucky Luke’s charm is the ability by its creators to weave in aspects of genuine Wild West life, including some of the colourful real-life characters that made it their home. One such fellow was Frederic Remington, famous for his dramatic paintings of frontier life. […]

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Lucky Luke Vol 46: The Pony Express

By Morris, Fauche & Léturgie Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849181945 In my reviews for Lucky Luke I appear to have missed this one out, so I’m putting that right now! This book isn’t even close to the end of Morris’s long run on Lucky Luke, but it’s well into his run of collaborating with other writers, […]

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Lucky Luke Vol 48: Dick Digger’s Gold Mine

By Morris Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849182089 Although he first appeared a few year’s earlier, this is the very first Lucky Luke collected edition, first seeing print in 1949. Morris’s style back then was very different to the one we now know where Luke’s portrayed as bring rugged, slender and seldom-fazed, no doubt channelling a bit […]

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Grandville: Noël

By Bryan Talbot Publisher: Jonathan Cape ISBN: 9780224098069 The burly and brusque Detective Inspector LeBrock is back, upholding the law on behalf of his fellow citizens on both sides of the Channel. In Grandville: Noël, the investigative badger is attempting to track down the niece of his housekeeper, a mystery that leads him to a […]

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Lucky Luke Vol 47: Outlaws

By Morris Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849182010 I have to confess that I’d not realised that the Daltons were based upon a real-life gang until I read this (although they weren’t all brothers) and that their depiction here, and the story’s outcome, resulted in the creation of a second gang of Daltons – their equally despicable […]

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