Brexit: A Drawn-Out Process

By James MellorCover to Brexit: A drawn-out process
Publisher: Filament Publishing
ISBN: 9781913192617

At the time of writing we’re just under a week away before we’re scheduled to leave the EU but Macron has just chipped in and Boris is angling for an election. By the time you read this goodness knows what will have happened. 

Well, I can tell you: In the few days between when I typed those sentences for the CCGB magazine The Jester and adding the book review to the website the deadline’s been extended and a general election called. Who’d ‘ave t’ought it?

In fact, so much has happened over the past three years that it’s hard to keep track, but now you don’t need to. 

CCGB member James Mellor has been recording every forehead-slapping moment in cartoon form and now you too can relive those mind-boggling moments but with the added benefit of some humour to help soothe your nerves. Over 100 pages of wry observations that catalogue each twist and turn that somehow makes the whole process slightly more bearable. 

And if you liked that: James is also the creator of Drawn From History, a collection of gag cartoons poking fun at British history. Britain. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. 

Cartoon from Brexit: A drawn-out process

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