Spirou & Fantasio Vol 16: The Z Rises Again

By Tome & JanryCover to new Spirou and Fantasio from Cinebook
Publisher: Cinebook
ISBN: 9781849184410

Sixteen! Sixteen volumes in already? Cinebook have used an ingenious method of mixing older with more contemporary volumes so perhaps that accounts for time flying, but sixteen?  This latest volume picks up on the recent nefarious exploits of Zorglub with a time-twisting trip into the future. Fantasio has presented his account of their previous exploits and, unfortunately, it’s all treated as fiction – much to Fantasio’s chagrin. Slipping into depression there seems little Spirou can do about it until the Snuffeller reappears to herald a journey through time. However this time the Zorglub problem is very different from what they’ve experienced previously.

Franquin’s earlier books set a nifty pace and a high bar, so it’s always great to see that Tome and Janry see that as the standard to reach. The added bonus of working many years after the original creator is that there’s time to see what works and what doesn’t, and to steer the stories along a path not yet trodden. I also quite like the fact that there’s just enough nods to the past without the story being utterly bound by it.

This book also contains one of the weirdest inventions I’ve come across in comics in the form a giant hand device. With almost a throwaway introduction, it becomes a pivotal part of the resolution. Imagine Green Lantern’s ring but in the form of a rubber glove attached to a drinks can. Funny stuff.

Pleased to see that the next book focus on the Marsupilami. Zorglub’s all very well, but I really do have a soft spot for the strange-tailed creature and I’m quite happy to have some more of him.

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