Bear’s Tooth 2: Hanna

By Yann & Henriet
Publisher: Cinebook
ISBN: 9781849183352

Born in Polish Silesia where the locals spoke both Polish and German, Max is the perfect undercover operative and the Americans plan to use him. Parachuting in behind enemy lines he is met by a resistance force but not before the allies take heavy losses. Both sides are struggling with the heavy burden that war brings, and every further loss threatens to tip the scales for the worst. Max is now a step closer in his mission to take out the German’s top aviator, his childhood friend Hanna, but in doing so he has to get uncomfortably close – so close that he risks detection.

Although the book makes plain that it is a work of pure fiction, and we’re all so familiar with WWII tales, Yann and Henriet manage to concoct a tale from a different angle, where the main dynamic is not axis versus allies but three friends split by the monstrous war.The creators’ knowledge and interest in the period’s flying machines add an extra dimension, particularly when we get to see the likes of the Triebflügel in action. I’m sure there must be a war movie out there that’s featured them, but I’ve not seen it if there is, so glad to see them shown here.

It will be interesting to see how Werner now fits within the final book following the events in this one. Looking forward to finding out.

And if you liked that: Part three available soon.

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