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Cartoon Contest on the Theme of Friendship

Cartoon Festival Rotterdam (CFR) is inviting entries to their international cartoon contest. The theme is ‘friendship’. Details may be found on the website: www.cartoonfestivalrotterdam.nl Any questions should be sent to: info@cartoonfestivalrotterdam.nl The deadline for entries is October 1st, 2019. Good luck!

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Bear’s Tooth 2: Hanna

By Yann & Henriet Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849183352 Born in Polish Silesia where the locals spoke both Polish and German, Max is the perfect undercover operative and the Americans plan to use him. Parachuting in behind enemy lines he is met by a resistance force but not before the allies take heavy losses. Both sides […]

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Bear’s Tooth: 1. Max

By Yann & Henriet Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849183321 Beginning in 1930s Silesia (now part of Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic) we follow three childhood friends, Max, Werner and Hanna as they explore their love of aviation, all dreaming to be pilots one day. Even at a young age it doesn’t escape them that one […]

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By Ribbon & Fish Publisher: Boom! Box ISBN: 9781684150045 As I’m pretty dreadful about showing any interest whatsoever when it comes to sport I thought that Slam! would leave me utterly cold, but what the heck, I’d give it a whirl. It’s the story of female roller derby, focusing on a handful of individuals and […]

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Untitled Ape’s Epic Adventure

By Steven Tillotson Publisher: Avery Hill Publishing ISBN: 9781910395257 That’s a curious title, isn’t it? The over-used and hyperbolic epic juxtaposed with the oddest of character names. I can’t think of many times that I’ve bought a book on the strength of a title alone, but this was one of them. Untitled Ape is a […]

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