All Things Highly Whimsical

By Noel Ford
Publisher: Noel Ford
ISBN: 9780244317256

Not content with putting out a book on a dog-themed cartoon strip only recently, Noel Ford has gathered together some of his gag cartoons from the past few years for our reading pleasure.

Divided up into such topics as “You Can’t Keep A Good Cliché Down” and “A La Carte-oon” Noel presents us with almost a hundred pages of oddness, wit and sometimes the just downright clever.

I particularly loved the Contraceptive Company logo gag, and the Deep Fat Friar, which I’ve deliberately not shown here (go buy the book).

At a time when there seems to be a lot fewer cartoon collections available this is a welcome addition packed full of great gags by a master of the art form. And he’s a nice bloke too.

As Danny Baker would say, there is no off position on the genius switch.

And if you liked that: Tuppence: The Daily Doings Of A Dipsy Dog, is available on Amazon alongside All Things Highly Whimsical, each at £5.99. Come on, what are you waiting for…

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