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Perdy Vol 1: Flowers. Sex. Robbery.

By Kickliy Publisher: Image ISBN: 9781534308473 Well, here’s a fresh spin on the western genre. A hard-hitting, hard-drinking, foul-mouthed outlaw, and she’s a woman. Perdy lets nothing stand in her way. Released from prison after a lengthy stay she wants to recover some hidden loot and get back to the way things were., which is […]

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The Shaolin Cowboy: Who’ll Stop The Reign?

By Darrow & Stewart Publisher: Dark Horse ISBN: 9781506703657 Considering the gargantuan amount of detail Geof Darrow puts into his Shaolin Cowboy pages it’s a wonder that there’s another Shaolin Cowboy book out so soon after the previous volume. But there is, and that makes us the lucky ones. Having previously battled a mind-boggling horde […]

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American Monster Vol 1

By Azzarello & Doe Publisher: AfterShock ISBN: 9789350029329 Brian Azzarello, creator of the sublime 100 Bullets, returns to guns and grotesques with American Monster, a story of small town America with delinquents, rednecks, a gun-shifting reverend, and cops looking to a turn a blind eye for a quiet life, all rubbing together in a barely […]

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