Trent Vol 8: Little Trent

By Rodolphe & LeoTrent holds a small boy called Jeremy while a steamboat moves up the river.
Publisher: Cinebook
ISBN: 978189183987

There has been an inexplicable charm running throughout all of this series that stands it apart from other comic tales. Perhaps it is down to its pacing, or maybe the maturity of the subject matter, or it could be the melancholy undercurrent of a man in a rugged, untamed wilderness longing for something meaningful and personal.

Trent may well have found the partner he needs to make his dreams a reality, but the life he leads, and the distances being travelled by them both, mean that they’re a long way from achieving a settled and contented existence. While Agnes heads to Europe with her mother, Trent is tasked with escorting a mother and child across Canada to the Pacific Ocean. The woman is the former wife of a retired senator whose drunken binges have driven her away. It’s a fact he cannot accept.

But at the core of the story here is Trent’s longing to be a father at the centre of a family. He receives a letter from Agnes, but before he can read it he is forced to dive into the harbour to save Jeremy, the senator’s son. With the letter sodden, it is largely unreadable, but he thinks he can make out the suggestion that Agnes is expecting.

Travelling by steamboat upriver, Trent learns that the senator has boarded the vessel along with some hired help, his intention to take back what he considers is his. Jeremy has no love for his sometimes violent father, and so Trent finds himself being treated as a surrogate – a role he cannot help but embrace. This, though, makes matters with the senator far more personal and dangerous.

As always, the story is evocatively illustrated by Leo. Best of all, it’s a strong book to end the series on. If you’ve not tried a Cinebook title yet then this is a good place to start.

And if you liked that: An excellent series from start to finish, as are Leo’s Aldebaran books

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