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The Three Rooms In Valerie’s Head

By David Gaffney & Dan Berry Publisher: Top Shelf ISBN: 9781603094153 What you don’t want from a book about relationships is the same old same-old. Something that promises to be a new take on love something but then just retreads familiar ground. Instead what’s needed is fresh perspective, and that’s exactly what you get from […]

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Love Is… Small Talk

By Fred Jefferies Publisher: Book Guild Publishing ISBN: 9781910878804 As a cartoonist, one of the most difficult attributes to lose must be sight, and yet that’s something Fred Jefferies has had to deal with for over a decade now after being registered blind. But not that that seems to have stopped him. Thanks to Blind […]

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By Fred Jefferies Publisher: Book Guild Publishing ISBN: 9781910508282 For those of you who don’t know CCGB member Fred Jefferies, his story’s an inspiring one. After a life earning a living as a freelance cartoonist Fred became registered blind in 2001, a tragedy for most but somewhat more heartbreaking for someone who created visual gags […]

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