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Giant Days: Volume 7

By Allinson, Sarin, Fleming & Cogar Publisher: Boom Box ISBN: 9781684151318 What? Volume 7? What happened to 2 to 6?  Well, if you must know, they were blooming marvellous. So good, that I really should be shouting about this series. So here goes. The three stars of the piece, Susan, Daisy and Esther, are now […]

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Rusty Brown

By Chris Ware Publisher: Jonathan Cape ISBN: 9780224078139 Chris Ware has put out a few books since the immensely successful Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid On Earth. All of them have highlighted his incredibly precise and beautifully designed cartoons. This new book feels much more like a companion piece to Jimmy Corrigan in its formatting […]

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Giant Days Volume 1

By Allison, Treiman and Cogar Publisher: Boom! Box ISBN: 9781608867899 I bloomin’ well love John Allison’s Bad Machinery strip. It’s sassy, funny, quirky, inventive and unlike anything else I’ve read. Well, until I read Giant Days. Giant Days doesn’t attempt to recreate the characters and scenarios of Bad Machinery but it does thrum with the […]

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