Giant Days: Volume Fourteen

By Allison, Sarin & Cogar
Publisher: Boom! Box
ISBN: 9781684156054

Volume 14! Why are we banging on about Volume 14? That’s hardly an entry-level point!

Well, because this has been a genuinely brilliant series from beginning to end. Awarded Best Humour Publication and Best Continuing Series at the Eisner Awards, this tale of three girls attending a Sheffield University has been consistent, engaging and bloody funny. 

Written by John Allison and (apart from a few earlier issues) illustrated by the immensely talented Max Sarin, Giant Days successfully captures coming of age with an effortless wit and joy. Daisy, Susan and Esther feel rounded, real characters, partly down to Allinson’s glorious writing, but completed by Sarin’s astounding cartooning gift. Bearing in mind this was a monthly comic about British teenaged girls attending a northern educational institution, you’d think it would have been off of the radar for any form of global success. And yet it’s been hugely popular.

This final volume charts the final days of their third year, as future careers beckon, but somehow still manages to include villainess publishing execs, chickens and ghostly football players. 

So, clearly, don’t start at volume 14. Start at 1, and enjoy yourself as you immerse yourself in book after book.

And if you liked that: Read Bad Machinery, written and illustrated by John Allison.

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