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Spirou & Fantasio Vol 13: Z Is For Zorglub

By Franquin, Jidéhem & Greg Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849183628 This one’s a lot of fun. A crazed, misguided scientist attempts to abduct Fantasio with a hairdryer and a driverless car. After this fails he then tries it on Spirou with a purpose, it seems, to simply get a message delivered to the Count of Champignac. […]

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Gomer Goof Vol 2: It’s A Van Goof!

By Franquin, Delporte & Jidehem Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849183659 Gomer’s back for some more ill-advised inventions, misguided moments and short-sighted shortcuts. Poor Fantasio so often bears the brunt of these comic mishaps, but by no means all of them, as Gomer seeks to disperse mosquitos, test balloons and dabble with a chemistry set all with […]

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Spirou & Fantasio Vol 9: The Dictator & The Mushroom

By Franquin Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849182676 The Marsupilami has been living on the estate of the Count of Champignac, and although it gives him plenty of space to roam, it isn’t the tropical rainforests of Palombia. When Spirou and Fantasio arrive to visit they discover that the Count has developed an amazing new technology from […]

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