Zookie The Dragon: On Your Marks

By Keri JohnsonCover to Zookie The Dragon, On Your Marks
Published by: Zookie Cartoons

Keri Johnson’s Zookie strip goes from strength to strength. She recently created a Kickstarter campaign to collect a recent story into a printed book and blitzed the funding goal – all extremely positive stuff. 

The story involves Frizard, the frosty fire drake, challenging Zookie to a race for the glorious prize of a barrel of doughnuts. Not something the confectionary-loving dragon can refuse. So the race is on, although it’s never going to be straight-forward.

Keri’s got a delightfully clean and friendly style, and along with the family-focused humour it makes for an easily accessible strip that would be at home in any daily paper. The story embraces its air of innocence and playfulness to maximum effect, making it remarkably refreshing in its approach. Not everything has to have a grittier, edgier side to succeed. Keri sticks within the rules she’s created for her world and it’s a policy that pays dividends.

You can get your copy direct from Keri’s ETSY shop now for just £8. A bargain. 


And if you liked that: Keri’s A Guide To Zookie The Dragon is also available.

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