Ken Reid’s Creepy Creations

By Ken Reid
Publisher: Rebellion
ISBN: 9781781086605

Brilliantly, there’s another Ken Reid collection available, this time featuring his Creepy Creations from Shiver and Shake. The concept was quite simple. Children sent in their suggestions for a monster, possibly in the form of a sketch, and Ken would then let loose his creative talents to draw up his vision of that fiendishly ferocious beastie. In return the child who had sparked Ken’s imagination would get the princely sum of one pound. Happy days.

The feature lasted a year and a half, although briefly resurfaced elsewhere over the coming couple of years, but in that time Ken drew around eighty of the horrors, supported very occasionally by Robert Nixon and Reg Parlett.

Anyone who has enjoyed Faceache will be aware of Ken’s versatility when it comes to the twisted and hideous, but in Creepy Creations he really shines, showing an incredible gift to draw just about any combination of animal body parts and objects to conjure up a multitude of distinct critters.

Another must for Ken Reid fans, not to mention more welcome nostalgia from a master craftsman.

And if you liked that: Ken Reid’s World-Wide Weirdies is to follow soon!

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