Bunny vs Monkey Book Five: Destructo

By Jamie Smart
Publisher: David Fickling Books
ISBN: 9781788450553

Turn the silly dial to 11 and strap yourselves in for more bonkers stuff in the woods with Bunny, Monkey and the rest of the gang. 

Skunky is an evil genius with the amazing capacity to build oddball machines and madcap gadgets, but unfortunately that genius doesn’t extend to using them effectively. Then there’s Monkey who’s a big bag of trouble in himself. But could all of these pale in comparison to the might of Destructo, the new baddie in the woods? Not likely, is it. And then there’s A.L.A.N., the Armoured Locating Armadillo Network who is a mechanised bounty hunter who knows no fear. He could be a problem. And you thought the woods were a place of tranquil beauty and playful nature.

Jamie Smart proves he’s the current king of British kids’ comics with another collection of his absurdly funny and gigglesome strips. Whether it’s a machine that makes the wrong weather for May or the Pig Cannon, a cannon that, er, fires pigs, you’re guaranteed just about as much daftness as it’s possible to contain within the pages of a single book.

Go on. Go and get one for your nearest child right now, before the Quantum Bibble Fobbulator explodes.

And if you liked that: Once you’ve read all of these, try Looshkin. That’s a bit mad as well.

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