The Survivors (Quantum Anomalies) Episode 5

By Leo
Publisher: Cinebook
ISBN: 9781849183703

Marie’s group have been through a long and difficult struggle to survive the strange mix of aliens, wildlife and environments, and are now reduced to just two. Whereas they’ve met much hostility and danger from other parties they’ve met they are fortunate enough to cross paths with a two distinct alien hominids that beckon them to follow them to their camp. Here Marie and Alex find a wooden land train and a cluster of disparate aliens working collaboratively. Regardless of this new found safety and companionship, Marie feels compelled to return to the beach, where a terrible danger and a potential saviour await.

This final part in the series draws many plot threads from the Worlds of Aldebaran books, and while it may not offer all the answers there’s commonality and a rationale to the events born out by previous encounters and stories, and certainly a definitive resolution for this particular series and its characters. It would be wonderful if we were to get a further series, but in some ways the mystery and complexity of the worlds our pioneers are treading upon become all the more fascinating for their unexplained potential. We’ll have to see.

Leo’s probing of the human experience in strange and unfamiliar worlds, with his amazing designs for creatures and plant life has made this an incredible series throughout – a triumph of the imagination.

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  1. Mr Morgan April 15, 2018 at 1:41 pm #

    It seems that there is a fifth series coming in the Worlds of Aldebaran series:

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