Ether: Death Of The Last Golden Blaze

By Kindt & Rubín
Publisher: Dark Horse
ISBN: 9781506701745

After the discovery of a portal to a magical dimension Boone, a dyed-in-the-wool scientist, becomes obsessed with exploring and understanding this strange realm. Regardless of the mystical nature of the place he is rigid in his mindset that magic must obey scientific laws and so regardless of how fantastical or bizarre the situation it can be explained and understood. By the time we meet Boone for the first time he has a rich back story containing many successful adventures with mysteries solved, but his escapades in the supernatural are only half of the story. There’s the real world he must return to, and the consequences of his gallivanting across dimensions that need to be considered too.

Packed with great illustrative design and creative thinking Ether offers something inventive and intriguing with it’s purple gorillas and magical bullets, broken lives and misjudged steps. The premise is clever but you can tell only the surface is scratched here, and with the collection offering just the first five issues there’s plenty of time to explore the ideas further.

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