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The Department Of Mind-Blowing Theories

By Tom Gauld Publisher: Canongate ISBN: 9781786898050 Tom Gauld returns with an entire book of just science-based cartoons, all previously published in New Scientist. As Neil Gaiman says, Tom Gauld is funny in a way that makes you feel smarter. This is largely down to Gauld’s ability to tackle pretty much any topic and spin […]

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Ether: Death Of The Last Golden Blaze

By Kindt & Rubín Publisher: Dark Horse ISBN: 9781506701745 After the discovery of a portal to a magical dimension Boone, a dyed-in-the-wool scientist, becomes obsessed with exploring and understanding this strange realm. Regardless of the mystical nature of the place he is rigid in his mindset that magic must obey scientific laws and so regardless […]

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Corpse Talk: Ground-Breaking Scientists

By Adam & Lisa Murphy Publisher: David Fickling Books ISBN: 9781910989807 The British comic The Phoenix has given us many contemporary gems, but one of the shiniest has to be Corpse Talk, where cartoonist Adam Murphy draws himself interviewing famous and influential figures from the past in the form of animated cadavers. Mixing humour, history […]

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