Valerian & Laureline 18: In Uncertain Times

By Mézières & Christin
Publisher: Cinebook
ISBN: 9781849183338

With only a handful of volumes to go before Mézières and Christin’s sci-fi epic draws to a close the scale of characters, places and situations that our two heroes have faced and overcome is considerable, and for even a casual reader perhaps a little daunting. Regardless, the creators take the bull by the horns with In Uncertain Times and plunge Valerian and Laureline back into the rich orchestration of previous tales as they once again face the meddling machinations of the gods of Hypsis and new threat from the bowels of Point Central.

Valerian’s clearly troubled by the loss of Earth, something Laureline is keen to distract him from, but the universe has a way of asserting itself upon their lives and they soon find themselves teased by some information of somebody or something tinkering with Earth’s 2oth century history. Reasoning that they can interfere with the timeline because somebody already is, they naturally go to investigate.

Although this is most certainly not the book you should start with, there’s a helpful chronology at the beginning of this volume that explains the complicated timeline and Valerian and Laureline’s journey through it, accompanied by the covers to the books they’re referencing. Handy indeed.

For all it’s outstanding visuals, if they don’t make another Valerian movie you’re really not missing out. The scale of Mézières and Christin’s vision is demonstrated on the printed page and In Uncertain Times is the perfect example of just how well it works.

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