Namibia: Episode 5

By Rodolphe, Leo & Marchal
Publisher: Cinebook
ISBN: 9781849183307

With the 1950s just over the horizon, Kathy Austin and Vladimir are stealing into the heart of the Namibian base that they understand to be the home of extraterrestrial invaders of Earth, all made possible by a second race of beings keen on assisting the natives of our planet. Slipping in and out of observation by the base’s operators, they manage to sneak a look at the stockpile of weapons hidden within its depths, and get some understanding as to the general intent of the alien villains. Meanwhile in Switzerland, the leaders of the world powers gather to discuss the implications of the threat and offer a response, one which will throw Kathy into even greater danger.

As the final volume, this book has got a lot of work to do, tying up plot points, offering explanations and drawing a satisfactory conclusion. It does this through rather a lot of exposition as it barrels towards the end, but indeed it delivers what it promises. On the first reading I wasn’t completely sold on the ending, but having had another look, and a bit of reflection, the story culminates in a manner that perfectly sits with the sci-fi expectations of the era it’s set in, and considering the rationale given by the friendlier ETs for their subsequent actions, it’s a rather neat and tidy finish.

If I was honest, when I was reading the preceding series Kenya I never believed this tale would end up where it did, and there was a suggestion in Kenya of a very different direction indeed. Given the choice I’d have opted for more of the former, but I don’t wish to deride Namibia – it’s just a different animal with interesting science fiction concepts coupled with an intriguing place and time, and I’m just grateful that there are creators and publishers out there willing to share these stories with us.

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