Tuppence: The Daily Doings Of A Dipsy Dog

By Noel Ford
Publisher: Noel Ford
ISBN: 9780244000820

I’ve been asked to review the CCGB Chairman’s new book. I think it’s only fair to point this out…

Knowing that Noel has produced a few children’s novels in his time, when I first saw Tuppence mentioned I presumed it was another of those, but in fact it’s a collection of cartoon strips, inspired by the many hounds to have passed through the Ford household, distilled down into a single loveable canine: Tuppence.

Infused with Noel’s unique wit, this is clearly created by a long-time dog owner with a passion for his pets, extracting the humour from the daily foibles and frivolity that that brings. (I particularly liked the dog training segment and the gag about the dummy.)

It’s a different discipline producing a strip to a single panel gag cartoon, but Noel takes that in his stride, creating a book’s worth of strips around behaviour and situations that any dog-lover will recognise.

Get you copy from www.lulu.com/spotlight/NoelFord or look it up on Amazon.

And if you enjoyed that: Noel’s earlier cartoon collections are still available online.

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