Lament Of The Lost Moors Vol 4: Kyle Of Klanach

By Rosinski & DufauxLOTLM_4
Publisher: Cinebook
ISBN: 9781849183000

After the third volume ended on such an unexpected cliffhanger I was rather looking forward to where Rosinski and Dufaux were going to take this next, and I’m pleased to say they don’t disappoint. Siobhán is now under the complete control of the sinister Gerfauts, twisting her away from the path of fairness and mercy to a much darker one where she is the pawn of Lady Gerfaut. Frozen out, her friends and mother watch on hopelessly as Siobhán is married to Gerfaut’s son. The consummation of that marriage will help secure the Gerfauts’ position with an heir.

In an act of open defiance Kyle of Klanach defies the Gerfauts and where once Siobhán would have protected him, under the dark spell she condemns him to death, only for Lady Gerfaut to postpone that death with the promise of torture. Siobhán’s salvation is looking hopeless and so her mother looks to take the most desperate measure of all.

Defying your expectations is what you want from any narrative, otherwise you’re just being served up what you’ve devoured before. Rosinski and Dufaux manage to acheive this, turning the story on its head and leaving you unsure as to where it will go next. This is a series that has improved book by book and one I’ve grown very fond of. I don’t know if there’s a plan for any more, but if not, this is a perfect package in itself.

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