Kenya Vol 4: Interventions

By Rodlphe & LeoKenya_4
Publisher: Cinebook
ISBN: 9781849182294

Interventions brings the strange occurrences in Africa to a more global scale, showing how the international community have been drawn to the area around Lake Victoria. The consequences of that see the Americans and British crossing paths with the Russians as they struggle to make sense of the curious engraved boxes. The balance of power is in the Russians favour, but while they leave the American Remington tied up Kathy is released and enlisted to help the Russians, much to the annoyance of some of the comrades. Using a map they’ve obtained from a crashed craft they intend to investigate the depths of the lake so have chartered a large boat with a serious looking crew.

Once out on the lake they use a new technology, an aqua-lung, to explore the waters and in doing so come across hundreds of the boxes lying in the lake’s mud, most of which are of an exceptionally large nature. However, they do find one small enough to manage between two of them, lifting it back to ship, but when they get there the crew has turned against them sensing a larger profit.

Back on the shore Remington attempts to escape his guard but in doing so realises the peril of the ship’s occupants and the two of them facilitate a rescue allowing them to discover the mystery of the box, little knowing that a far greater mystery lays right beside them.

I’m still enjoying this series immensely, to the point that I’ve so little time to spare this past month through work that I still dropped everything to read this. We’re not necessarily being fed all the answers, but we are moving toward some sort of explanation as to what’s going on. By setting the story just after the close of WWII there’s an innocence to the characters that makes the science fiction element all the more tangible and wondrous as we attempt to make sense of it all through their eyes rather than our own over-saturated experiences of the genre. Rodolphe and Leo make for an inspiring creative team and, four volumes in, I’m still as intrigued as I was half way through volume one.

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