Glacial Period

/By Nicolas De Crécy
Publisher: NBM
ISBN: 978-1-56163-483-5

Recently The Louvre announced a series of collaborations with cartoonists and comic creators, each intending to offer a unique vision of the museum. This version is set in the far future where much of the world has been covered by an ice sheet and little is known about the people who lived before. It opens with explorers skiing across the frozen wastes, accompanied by genetically engineered talking dogs, trying to find traces of the former civilisations. Eventually, one of the dogs stumbles upon the buried Louvre and comes face-to-face with the treasures inside. Strangely the exhibits all appear sentient, and somewhat bored with waiting for visitors to come and appreciate them, while the geological forces that have revealed the museum now also threaten to destroy it.

The best bits are where the humans utterly fail to interpret the archeology around them, attempting to make sense of our world through the paintings and exhibits they find.

Sounds like it could be quite interesting. doesn’t it? Well, it’s certainly nice to look at, and there are many humorous touches, but you can’t help but feel that once they reach the museum its just a bit of an advert without any real depth or meaning. Think of it as absurdist science-fiction.

And if you liked that: Try Nicholas De Crécy’s Salvatore.

Glacial Period (Louvre) (Book)
Author: Nicolas De Crecy
Publisher: NBM Publishing Company
Published: 2007-03-30
Number of pages: 80
ISBN: 1561634832
Price: £9.99
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