Lady S Vol 4: A Mole In DC

By Aymond & Van Hamme
Publisher: Cinebook
ISBN: 9781849181631

You’ve got to feel a little sorry for Lady S, or Suzan, as we’ve come to know her. Her life’s been a huge upheaval and she’s found herself manipulated by others to their own ends, but despite it all she’s found a sense of normality and stability as her adopted father’s assistant. He’s the USA’s roving ambassador and is currently in a secretive relationship with the first female US President. It’s time for the political parties to choose their candidates for the upcoming presidential elections and normal procedure would see the incumbent be the natural choice for the party in power, although there’s a power hungry Senator who wants that nomination for himself and he’s managed to put the pieces together about some of Suzan’s past. Knowing she also works for her father who in turn is a special advisor to the President he realises he can discredit them all and take the nomination for himself.

In order for the plan to work he needs the assistance of the young State Department’s Deputy Director for Eastern Europe, someone he helped to achieve the post. Feeling beholden to the unscrupulous Senator he becomes drawn in and all of the elements are now in place to topple a President, discredit an ambassador and ruin the life of Suzan. What they don’t count on is Suzan’s resourcefulness, so although she can’t correct the mistakes of her earlier life, nor the shady adoption process that brought her to the US, she can expose the man who has set about ruining so many lives.

It’s a bit a tear-jerker, this one, so be warned for some daring unsettling of the status quo. As always, Van Hamme delivers an intelligent and exciting story that relies on your ability to think rather than just blindly follow – surely the most adaptable, diverse and competent writers in comics today.

And if you liked that: Volume 5 out soon

Lady S. Vol. 4 (Book)
Author: Van Hamme
Publisher: CINEBOOK
Published: 2013-07-04
Number of pages: 48
ISBN: 1849181632
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