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Once Upon A World: A Bedtime Book Of Bible Stories

By Robert Duncan Publisher: Lion Children’s Books ISBN: 9780745979939 This book is from CCGB member and Goliath of the pen, Robert Duncan.  Many years ago, way back in 1976, he wrote and illustrated a book retelling tales from the Bible. It did rather well and, together with a 1987 reprint, sold over 80,000 copies. Now […]

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The Last Templar Vol 4: The Falcon Temple

By Khoury & Lalor Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849183222 The modern day narrative of this series has existed hand-in-hand with the tale of the last of the Templars some 700 years before, weaving between the two to reveal more secrets, and now those story threads are drawing together for this final act. Tess is in Athens, […]

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