The Last Templar Vol 4: The Falcon Temple

By Khoury & Lalor
Publisher: Cinebook
ISBN: 9781849183222

The modern day narrative of this series has existed hand-in-hand with the tale of the last of the Templars some 700 years before, weaving between the two to reveal more secrets, and now those story threads are drawing together for this final act. Tess is in Athens, charting a boat with Vance to discover the final resting place of the wreck that holds the answer they seek, and potentially the ruination of the Christian church. Meanwhile Sean is being taken to the Vatican to hear some uncomfortable news that is hoped will sway him to action on their behalf. Ultimately, everyone’s heading towards the same goal, but unfortunately that’s upon an ocean where a vicious storm is descending, and where greed, vanity and hot-headedness will bring on disaster.

As the final book in this series we’re set up nicely for a few twists and surprises, not least the brazen claim that Christianity is a lie and that proof is within our protagonists’ reach. You’ll have to read the series to see where that one goes, and the revelations carry you forward to the very last page.

I can think of a few examples where novels have been adapted to comic series, but not any thrillers, like this one. It’s quite an undertaking, and the execution is done well. Whether it’s a happy accident that it works so well with the breaks and beats of a four-part series I don’t know, but it does work, never feeling forced, rushed or lacking in pace. I certainly don’t feel I need to read the novel now as well – this will serve nicely.

Thrillers often ground themselves in some of reality, so when conspiracy, history and religion get mixed in there’s a danger of them appearing far-fetched and, at worse, silly. The Last Templar does have its moments, but overall succeeds in maintaining the tension and mystery to carry you through to its conclusion.

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