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The Bluecoats Vol 14: The Dirty Five

By Lambil & Cauvin Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781800440043 With both sides in the Civil War battling themselves to a standstill, the Yankees are feeling the strain. Having lost so many men, and with a cavalry of three, Chesterfield and Blutch are ‘volunteered’ to seek out fresh recruits. The trouble is, too many men are more […]

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The Bluecoats Vol 11: Cossack Circus

By Lambil & Cauvin Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849183833 The Bluecoats return with another tale of Chesterfield and Blutch, the 22nd Cavalrymen attempting to survive the American Civil War. On this occasion the cavalry’s numbers are so depleted by deadly charges at the enemy there’s not much of a cavalry left, so Chesterfield and Blutch are […]

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