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Ducks: Two Years In The Oil Sands

By Kate Beaton Publisher: Jonathan Cape ISBN: 9781787330139 Well, I wasn’t expecting this. I’ve written about Kate Beaton’s work before, and she is a witty, incisive and talented cartoonist.  If they’re not already, her cartoon collections should be on your bookshelves. This new book, however, is something completely different to what’s come before. Ducks is […]

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By Tillie Walden Publisher: Self Made Hero ISBN: 9781910593417 This one has sat on my shelf for some while. A story about a young girl and ice skating wasn’t convincing me it would hold my attention, so I’ve been forever passing it over for another book. That was until the evening before last. Ice skating […]

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The Best We Could Do

By Thi Bui Publisher: Abrams Comicsarts ISBN: 9781419718779 I’m a little too young to remember the Vietnam war and its aftermath, but not the slew of retrospective and gung-ho movies and comics that followed it. Pretty much all of these seemed to focus on a small group or an individual who valiantly took the fight […]

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Munnu: A Boy From Kashmir

By Malik Sajad Publisher: 4thEstate ISBN: 9780007513635 Here’s a story  about a nation caught between two others. It’s the autobiographical tale of Sajad, also known as Munnu, meaning the youngest, growing up in occupied Kashmir in the 1990s. The story is told from his childhood experiences and observations, largely drawn from the injustices his particular region […]

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