The Illustrated Dad Joke

The phrase ‘self-published’ strikes dread into the heart but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this little paperback cartoon collection from Adam Caudill. Dedicated to his daughter, with the contents tested on his family, it contains about 150 cartoons the vast majority of which are the sort of wordplay that you might get from a stand-up comic. Plenty were groanworthy but it’s a book of dad jokes, so what should we expect? OK, some of the gags are old enough to have been familiar to Adam’s namesake in the Garden of Eden but they still raised a titter for all that. And there were a fair few fresh ones — to me anyway — and some did make me laugh out loud. Like the one about attending a group for compulsive talkers (“On and On Anon”).

At £5.99 you’ll only be paying 4 pence per joke, and lots of them are worth twice that. Looking for stocking-filler presents or material for your next open mic stand-up appearance? Over to Amazon with you, and get this.

The Illustrated Dad Joke by Adam Caudill. ISBN 9798864256817. £5.99 from Amazon

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