Hey, that’s my gag!

How often have you had a cartoon rejected, only to see someone else get the same idea published? It happens all the time and usually purely by chance because, after all, great minds think alike. But it cuts both ways. You can be sure that someone is shouting at the internet or apoplectic with rage at a magazine because you got “their” idea published when they didn’t.

The brilliant KJ Lamb is probably irked because Private Eye published my “Quantity Street” drawing after The Oldie had printed her version of the same gag. Pure coincidence (I don’t take The Oldie) and I was mortified when I later realised what had happened. Even more so when my version got a second outing in the Private Eye Annual.

Anyway, it probably evens out in the end and sometimes two or more people get paid for the same idea. Notably my ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’ drawing got into last May’s Eye, only to reappear in another guise in that selfsame organ a few weeks ago. Call it a ‘draw’.


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