Revenge Of The Librarians

By Tom Gauld
Publisher: Canongate
ISBN: 9781838858216

Always guaranteed to be a treat, there’s a new Tom Gauld cartoon collection available. If you’re not aware of Tom’s work then pay attention ’cause you’re missing out. Although this collection focuses primarily on all things books, he’s just as comfortable with science, history, philosophy and pop culture. It’s the effortless blending of the various topics, and an astounding ability to extract humour from them, that makes the cartoons so enjoyable.
As Neil Gaiman says, “Tom Gauld is always funny, but he’s funny in a way that makes you feel smarter.” So, for cartoons on everything from hunting Easter eggs with Werner Herzog to lesser known literary prizes, there is just so much to enjoy here between the covers.

And if you liked that: There are plenty of other great Tom Gauld cartoon collections. Take your pick!

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