Zookie The Dragon: Book One

By Keri Johnson
Published By: Keri Johnson

Following another successful Kickstarter campaign, Keri Johnson presents Zookie The Dragon Book One. Collecting the first strips, up to number 157, and packed with bonus material, there’s lots here to enjoy about this loveable little dragon.

And there are more dragons present than just Zookie, each with their own foibles, problems, and comic potential.

Keri’s steadily building a worldwide audience with her weekly webcomic, all earned through her dedication, humour, and excellent cartooning. But not everyone wants to read online, so for those that enjoy page turning and doughnut munching dragons, then surely this book has been tailor-made for you. Get yourself a copy and enjoy!

Zookie The Dragon Book One, available from Keri’s Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/ZookieCartoons You’ll find more Zookie-related books and items there too.

You might also like to enjoy the new strips direct at www.zookiecartoons.com

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